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We are designing and producing quality and productive apps&games on Android, Web and iOS.
Git Gaia Dergi

Gaia Dergi ve Android uygulaması

Git Vegitisyen


Vegan Diyetisyen – Kevser Başkara

Git Günlük Burçlar

Günlük Burçlar

Günlük Burçlar astroloji ve burçlar hakkında her şeyi öğrenebileceğiniz detaylı bir Android uygulamasıdır.

Git The Looppad

The Looppad

The Looppad is an Android application to allow you making music.

Git Physics Kit

Physics Kit

Get new content blocks: pricing table, Google Maps, and more. Change the sections order, display each block exactly where you need it, customize the blocks with whatever colors you wish.

Git Barometer


Barometer is an Android app which measures air pressure accurately.

Git Luxmeter


Luxmeter is an Android app which measures light intensity accurately.

Git Magnetometer


Magnetometer is an Android app which measures magnetic flux density accurately.

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